Streaming 101 – release the same day globally

If your new release from a major breakthrough artist such as Cardi B is featured as the image of Spotify’s biggest global New Music Friday playlist with 2.4m followers, is namechecked in the description AND is featured on the playlist cover…wouldn’t you make sure the song is available globally on release day to maximise this kind of exposure that money can’t buy?

Not so for Cardi B’s new single Bartier Cardi which doesn’t get a global release until the next day (a Saturday). Talk about a missed opportunity. Not only does nobody outside the US get to listen to the song on the day that the New Music Friday playlist gets the largest number of listeners but it means it also gets missed off all of the other local New Music Friday playlists around the world.

However the good news is that it’s available worldwide to stream on artist and label friendly¬†YouTube….

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