My Top 10 Spotify Playlists of 2017

It struck me that I’ve seen loads of “top 10 albums of 2017” blog posts this year (even though who listens to albums any more right?) and they’re all pretty much the same. So I thought it would be a bit of fun to list my top 10 Spotify playlists of 2017. Couple of quick points….

When I say top 10 Spotify playlists, I mean the top 10 playlists curated by the Spotify editorial team around the world. Not third party Spotify playlists.

These are my top 10 playlists and therefore subjective to my personal tastes which are mainly pop and dance. So as brilliant as I know Rap Caviar is, it doesn’t feature in my list.

So with that said, here we go in reverse order….

10) lowkey riddim Laid back beats.

9) I Love My ’90s R&B the first track is Pony by Ginuwine. That’s all you need to know.

8) Left Of Center Alternative and experimental pop from mainly emerging artists.

7) Friday Cratediggers While MINT is the king of dance playlists I prefer Cratediggers for the lesser known electronic gems.

6) Chilled Pop Hits An eclectic but always fresh sound curated by the brilliant Spotify UK team.

5) Brand Nu Disco My favourite sub genre, in one handy playlist.

4) Anti Pop Formerly known as Keep It 100 this playlist has recently been rebranded and is full of edgy songs across all genres but with a mainly urban and dance edge.

3) Chilled R&B Relaxing urban vibes all the way in this beautiful playlist.

2) Creamy Tracks Warm and melodic electronic tracks.

1) Pop Rising This playlist is a fantastic mix of established and emerging artists. Often it’s curators do the record labels’ job by picking the track that’s most likely to succeed from an album & seeding it in here. If there was one playlist that defines the “Spotify sound” then this is it.

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