A&R “consultants” on LinkedIn

Browsing LinkedIn lately I’ve noticed that there are a lot of so called “A&R Consultants” offering to listen to your songs and give you feedback. They even promise to pass your music on to the major record labels if they like it – all for a fee. Yes that’s right you have to pay them $5 or more for the privilege of listening to your music and giving you feedback.

These “consultants” are easy to spot, they all have pretty much the same kind of LinkedIn profile

  • They have pictures of major record labels on their LinkedIn profile or website
  • They have awful looking websites that look like they were built in the 90s (see below)
  • They require a fee to listen to your music
  • They have the name of every major label in their LinkedIn profile

What’s worse is that some people are actually falling for this nonsense. I see people commenting on these posts actually thanking the “consultant” for this opportunity.

Don’t do it. Despite the fact that you should never ever pay to get your music heard by a genuine A&R manager, it’s debatable whether these guys actually have any real connection with the labels they namecheck. They tend to have the label name in their “title” on LinkedIn so that their name will come up in searches, so something like “Joe Bloggs A&R Consultant, Universal ,Sony, Warner, Capitol, Atlantic, RCA, Def Jam, Island” and any other label they can think of.

It may be that they exchanged emails with a real A&R from one of these labels at some point so they now class themselves as a consultant, or it may just be an outright lie. Either way, never pay money to get your music heard. Never.

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