Introducing Humble Angel Records

I’m so excited to announce that my new business venture, Humble Angel Records is now live!

Over the last few months I’ve been putting together a plan to create a record label where the entire focus is on streaming. By that I mean that all of the marketing and PR will be geared towards fans on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music & Deezer etc. I’m also looking for artists with songs that resonate particularly well with a streaming audience.

Just as streaming music has lowered the barriers to entry for musicians and artists I also want to make it easy for artists to submit songs for consideration to the label. I’m not a fan of the old boys network where it’s “who you know” in the A&R world that gets you a deal. And I’m especially not a fan of the scams currently kicking around where unscrupulous individuals are charging artists to listen to their songs with the promise of sending them to record labels if they like them. Yeah whatever.

So for that reason I’ve created a submission form on the Humble Angel Records website where anybody can send music for consideration. I can’t promise that I will reply to everyone who submits music but I can promise that we will listen to everything submitted.

I’ll write more about the ethos of the label and the artists too at a later date but for now I just wanted to introduce the world to Humble Angel Records!

Thanks to Billboard, Music Business Worldwide and Music Week for the press coverage too.




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