The best Spotify HPTO ever?

I fully appreciate that this post won’t “connect” with most people and it’s only for the hardcore Spotify nerds. But nonetheless here’s 5 reasons why this is one of the best and most effective Spotify Homepage Takeover’s (HPTO) ever from Universal UK displayed today.

  1. The graphic has nice big images of 6 of the biggest artists in the world now (well 5, sorry Liam). I’ve done some testing with HPTO’s and playlist covers in the past and graphics that contain recognisable superstars like this always get more clicks than ones without. Reminds me of the time we put a competitor’s artist on the front of one of our playlists when I worked at a record company, but that’s a story for another day.
  2. It’s simple. Never underestimate the power of simplicity, this HPTO doesn’t try to be clever, it just has the name of the playlist, some superstars and the tag line “All the songs you love in one playlist”. Job done.
  3. The branding matches that of the playlist artwork, it may sound obvious but the amount of times I’ve seen ads with totally different branding than the playlists they are promoting is numerous.
  4. It’s about the playlist and not the playlist brand. Let’s be honest, nobody cares about record label playlist brands. As far as I know, Universal UK are the only Universal territory to ditch their global “Digster” brand and focus on their “Hits” brand but more specifically their Chart Hits UK playlist. This is smart because given how incredibly difficult it is to grow third party playlists in Spotify, you can only realistically actively promote and grow a handful of them. It’s pretty pointless having more than say 5 or so playlists to focus on these days, far better to concentrate on 2 or 3 playlists and treat each of them as brands unto themselves.
  5. It has a clear call to action, the “Listen On Spotify” button. Obvious to some most likely but I’ve seen HPTO’s in the past that don’t direct the user to click on them.

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