What do the clouds mean on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists?

Have you ever seen a New Music Friday playlist with a picture of clouds on instead of the customary artist image and wondered why? Well wonder no more!

Spotify display the clouds graphic when a “secret” big release is coming that hasn’t been announced to fans yet. The reason for this is that songs are released at midnight Thursday local time. So that means that midnight in Australia happens 19 hours ahead of LA so if anybody viewing Australia’s NMF playlist in LA on a Thursday morning can effectively see what tomorrow’s new releases are.

And given that the major labels are all headquartered in the US anyway, they want new releases to drop at midnight in the US (Eastern time) so they can co-ordinate marketing efforts and press releases etc. They definitely don’t want any spoilers for countries that are ahead of the US in terms of time zones.

So next time you see the clouds, be prepared for a surprise release from someone big.

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