How not to pitch for playlist support

I wanted to post this email as I get a load of these and they are a really ineffective way to pitch a Spotify playlist curator for support and I wanted to explain why.

First there’s the fact that this guy has put almost 100 email addresses in the “to” field so they’re visible to all recipients and therefore are bound to result in yet more spam. Sigh.

But this guys’ biggest mistake is the complete lack of personalisation. In the email he says “I’ve listened to your playlist for some time now”. Great, what playlist? I have 50. Also we know there are 99 other people on this email so there’s that.

It really isn’t hard to craft a good pitch email. Just basically do the opposite of this guy. But seriously, personalise it to the reader. If you’re asking for specific playlist support then name the playlist where you think your song will fit, and why you think it will fit. Tell the recipient a bit about yourself too and the song you’re pitching. That’s it, that’s all you need do.

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