How to get a song on independent Spotify playlists

Independent or third party Spotify playlists as they are also known can play an important part of growing your fan base and gaining more streams on Spotify.

When I talk about independent or third party Spotify playlists I mean playlists that aren’t curated or owned by Spotify editors. Instead they are curated by individuals with no affiliation with Spotify, people like you and I. A good example is my 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time playlist that I set up a few years ago.

So how can independent playlists help my song?

Put simply, if an independent playlist has an engaged audience of followers who enjoy listening to a certain genre or mood and your song fits with that vibe then by having your song in that playlist you’re going to get streams and hopefully new fans.

Great, how do I do this?

Use Playlist Push and use discount code YNK64JC to save 7.5%


Playlist Push is a service I’ve been using for over a year now, this is how they work.

Playlist Push have a network of over 500 playlist curators with a combined reach of more than 14 million listeners on Spotify.

When you sign up to the service, you upload your song and get presented with some pricing options. You can choose how many genres you want to target with your campaign and prices are set accordingly.

Then what?

Once the campaign is up and running, your song is sent for review to curators who have playlists that will fit your song. Each curator has to listen to your song, leave a review and choose whether to include the song into their playlist or not. You get detailed reports back and emails when your song has been included in a playlist.

How much does it cost?

I’m told the average campaign comes in around $800 but can start from around $500.

How does this help me?

By reaching an audience of music fans who like specific genres/moods that match your music you will not only gain more streams but also potentially make new fans who will follow you and your music. More streams on Spotify also means that your music has a better chance of being noticed by Spotify’s algorithms and also possibly Spotify’s editors.

Kieron man, this looks like a paid advertisement for Playlist Push

It’s not. I have been using Playlist Push for over a year now and I’m very happy with their service, I wouldn’t risk my reputation by recommending something that I don’t use or can’t vouch for. The Playlist Push link I use is an affiliate link though and by using my discount code YNK64JC you save 7.5% and I get 7.5% commission from Playlist Push. Again though, I only promote services I use myself and think will be useful to others.

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