Now Music playlists now exclusively on Apple Music

A few years ago, compilation brand Now That’s What I Call Music were really active on Spotify. They used to have a playlist for every Now album released as well as some that weren’t and they had a very popular “Now UK Top 40 Chart” playlist that was updated weekly and had a huge following. In fact, back in the early days of Playlists.net (around 2011 I think) we were invited to meet the Now Music team to discuss playlist strategy and for years we were marketing partners for their playlists. Check out their profile here.

However if you look at the Now profile in Spotify now there’s a load of old legacy playlists, playlist of the most recent Now albums, 101 and 102 and that’s about it. You can find Now 85 onwards too but none of the old ones. It looks like they’re maintaining the latest versions of their albums as playlists for search optimisation purposes but that’s all.

I had a quick look at Apple Music and low and behold there’s a homepage tile for an “exclusive playlist” for Now 102. If I look at the Now profile on Apple Music I can see a good selection of playlists (although not the entire Now back catalogue) including the Now UK Top 40 Chart and the Now UK Top 40 Dance playlist, both of which look like they are updated weekly.

So what this means is that as well as doing a deal with Ministry of Sound for playlist exclusivity, Apple Music have also seemingly done the same for Now Music. This is interesting as both brands are huge in the compilation space and bring brand recognition and loyal fans to Apple Music. What’s also interesting is that Apple Music are both investing heavily in their own playlists as well as working with trusted third party playlist brands. Whereas Spotify’s playlist strategy is centred almost solely on their own playlists.

There was a Homepage Takeover on Spotify in the UK today for Now 102 but instead of going to a playlist it directed users to the actual Now album on Spotify. Further evidence that the Now playlist brand isn’t a priority on Spotify.

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