October 7th 2008 – Spotify launches in the UK

    I’ve been looking through my old blog and found a post I wrote on the day Spotify officially launched in the UK.

    Take a look at the desktop interface from then. No Browse, no charts, no playlists even. The way to navigate was via a search box or by choosing genres and decades which then presented albums/songs to you. Still, the experience was groundbreaking at the time and it was obvious to me that it was going to create waves in the industry.

    Here’s my original blog post for that day announcing the official launch.


    Leaving Warner Music

    Yesterday I celebrated my last day at Warner Music.

    Going from a business I created in 2009 when Spotify was also a startup to joining a major record company in 2014 – it’s been an amazing ride.
    Establishing Topsify as Warner’s playlist brand globally across all platforms and establishing a streaming strategy for a major record company has been immensely rewarding and I’ve had the best time doing it.

    I’m also especially proud of the innovation around the Artists To Watch Records label that has generated over 50 million Spotify streams with zero budget. I don’t know of any other record label that’s achieved this.

    My next step will be to launch my own venture again, 3 years in a corporate was great but I have that entrepreneurial itch to scratch. More news on that to come.

    Huge thanks to my Warner family and especially my Topsify team for making these 3 years as awesome as possible. The next chapter is going to be even more exciting…